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How do I figure out how to use Morning Bird products for a small number of birds?

Calcium Plus: Add four teaspoons (tsp.) of CALCIUM PLUS per quart of drinking water, or one teaspoon per cup of water, or fruits, vegetables, soaked seed, or softfood, Feed once or twice per week to non-breeding birds and five times per week to breeding birds. One level teaspoon equals 5 ml., if you have metric measuring spoons available.

Hearty Bird: Vitamins can be mixed in smaller quantities, too. By using division, one can determine that 1/5 tsp. should be mixed in 1 quart of fresh clean water. 1/5 tsp. = 1 ml in metric equivalent, if you have that measuring devise available. Otherwise, 1/5 teaspoon would be slightly less than a 1/4 tsp. Since Hearty Bird is a vitamin mixture, it needs to be mixed fresh daily. Some people mix just a tiny pinch in softfood, such as an egg food, and they put a portion out fresh daily.

Probiotics: Add 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml) of PROBIOTICS per quart of clean drinking water OR add 1/4 teaspoon of PROBIOTICS per cup of fruits, vegetables, soaked seed, or softfood.

Can I premix ingredients in water and store them?

Your Avian Friend will get the most benefit by using ingredients mixed fresh daily in clean, fresh or distilled water. Probiotics, Liquid Calcium Plus, and Hearty Bird contain beneficial ingredients that are adversely effected by exposure to the elements, especially light. Since Hearty Bird is a vitamin mixture, it needs to be mixed fresh daily. Alternatively, you may put the dry ingredients directly on softfood. But, then you would want to watch to make sure the proper amount is actually consumed by your bird.

How long should we treat our bird with Iverlux?

The life cycle of mites is approximately 1-3 weeks, depending on the species involved. Treatments should be repeated every 7 days for 3 weeks as needed.

How long do Morning Bird products last?

There should be a yellow sticker on the bottom of the bottle, jar or bag with an expiration date. Morning Bird products generally have a shelf life of 12-24 months. Refrigeration will greatly lengthen the shelf life of the contents, although we canít be certain for exactly how long.

Upon opening the jar container, there was no seal on top.

Most of our jars come with a pressure sensitive inner seal, except the largest jar, 16 oz. size.
Products produced before July, 2013 had a foam liner, not an actual seal.
All of our liquid products in bottles come with a pressure sensitive inner seal.

Reading the directions, I searched for the scoop, per the instructions. There was no scoop.

Scoops have been discontinued, but some jars were distributed with the older label style which still mentions a scoop. The scoop was the size of a U.S. Teaspoon or 5 ml.

After mixing for several minutes, the required amount in water with the Ronex powder, there was about a dime size of powder that would not dissolve.

Ronex should be mixed/stirred thoroughly each time immediately before dispensing; sometimes colder temperatures may effect dissolving.

How should I store Morning Bird Probiotics?

Studies have shown that probiotics are quite hardy when stored in lower temperatures. The three biggest dangers for probiotics are heat, water (moisture), and air. Keep probiotics away from those elements and you will extend their life considerably.

When possible, we recommend you store your Morning Bird Probiotics tightly closed in the refrigerator or freezer, especially if you want to preserve freshness of your product for months or years.

What is the shelf life of Probiotics?

Refrigeration is optional if you use the product within 3 months. Probiotics can endure 3-4 weeks of hot climate during shipping and transit, but we recommend you use Priority Mail or 2nd Day Air if you live in a hot state, for your own peace of mind. Possible indefinite shelf life if Probiotics are kept frozen, and away from moisture and air. Two year shelf life if kept refrigerated.

Can I use Morning Bird Probiotics for myself?

Morning Bird Probiotics is specially formulated for companion birds only.

How many days should we give Probiotics?

Check with your veterinarian; two to three days is usually the recommended length of time after antibiotic treatment.

What about proper shipment of Morning Bird Probiotics?

If temperatures are very hot in your area during the summer months, you may want to consider the faster shipment methods, such as overnight.

Should Morning Bird products be refrigerated?

Bee Pollen Granules and Bee Pollen Powder: Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is highly recommended for longevity of beneficial properties. Bee Pollen requires refrigeration if storing longer than three weeks.

Powdered Kelp: Store in a cool, dark, dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

Probiotics: Store in a cool, dry place. It is highly recommended to keep in a refrigerator or freezer to prolong effectiveness of live cultures.

We recommend refrigeration of liquids and refrigeration or freezing of powders. Cold storage will lengthen the shelf life of the products.

I treated my bird(s) with Amoxitex. Do I have to wait a few days to administer Probiotics or I can do it right away?

We recommend that you wait two days to make sure all of the Amoxitex is out of your bird's system. Amoxitex will make Probiotics ineffective if they are both present in the bird at the same time.

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